Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Urgent Need in Vanuatu: Office Support Staff and Handyman

Are you retired and interested in being involved in a work that has eternal value?   Are you flexible and have a heart for serving others? Would you be willing to use your skills to support the Bible translation efforts in Vanuatu? With 6 translation teams, 6 Scripture Use teams and 30 ni-Vanuatu involved in the current work and 60 possible Bible translations still needed,  your skills are greatly needed to support the work so that Bible translation and Scripture Use can move forward!

SIL Vanuatu has an urgent need for an Office  
Office Bible study and prayer time.
Support person and a Center Manager/handyman starting in January 2018. The director, Greg Carlson, is  looking for a couple or a family who would be mostly self–funded and willing to serve for a year or longer - but they would consider a lesser time commitment. They have had many retired couples fill the roles. If you are not retired and would like to serve in Vanuatu in 2019 onwards, you can join Wycliffe Bible Translators to serve with SIL.

SIL Vanuatu Director Greg Carlson and his wife, Bethann
From Greg, SIL Vanuatu Director

Great things are happening in Bible Translation and Scripture Use in Vanuatu. Dedicated SIL teams are working hard in the villages of our beautiful islands. God’s word is going out to people in their own languages. But all this comes to a halt without people to work in the office and the buildings in town! We simply cannot operate without someone paying the bills, looking after visas, and having a place ready for our teams to come back to for refreshment and recharging. These roles are truly crucial to the whole process. Language groups are waiting for God’s word. You can help. Please pray about joining our team.

A couple could cover both of these roles, one as the center manager and the other one in the office.  If only one of a couple wanted to fill one of these roles, there are other needs at the office that could be matched to one’s skills or interests that would require 10 to 20 hrs per week.  And, of course, singles are welcome too!

While at times these roles might require a 40 hour work week, most of the time you can get your work completed in 25-30 hrs. and have time to enjoy beautiful Port Vila and/or get involved in a local ministry.

Office Support Staff

Brief Description:

Responsible for handling business affairs of SIL Vanuatu.

Major Job Responsibilities:

  • Pay bills, pay local employees.
  • Data entry for weekly expenditures.
  • Keep financial records and prepare annual financial report. 
  • Audit financial status of entity accounts.
  • Once per year, assist Director in preparing operating budget draft. 
  • Maintain work and residence permits of all entity staff.
  • Liaise with government re: customs/import
  • Assist our SIL teams with financial questions
  • May additionally make purchases for teams in the villages, assist the director with various tasks, liaise with the cleaning staff, and other jobs as needed.
  • It is understood that the specific responsibilities of this position may be adjusted by the entity administration.

Needed skills:

Competent in MS Office, especially Excel, Word, Outlook. Previous accounting experience helpful but not required. Training provided for all tasks.

Understands and respects multicultural issues and demonstrates effective cross-cultural relationships

Center Manager
Serah, Vanuatu Bible Translation and SIL secretary

Brief Description
Responsible for coordinating the maintenance needs for the the SIL center.


  • Maintain the 12 housing and office units. Bring in experts or request work teams as needed.
  • Ensure maintenance and registration is up-to-date on the 5 group vehicles.  
  • Buy supplies and ship to village teams.
  • Oversee two yard workers and one housekeeper.
  • Other various needs related to member services
Steve, the current office staff and center manager

“I have really enjoyed getting to know many of the locals of Vanuatu and learning Bislama (the trade language of Vanuatu). The team environment of SIL has been great. To be able to encourage the guys on the outer islands and be encouraged by others is such a blessing. The job has been very varied and allowed me to gain new skills and stretch those that I already had. “  Steve

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