Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Scripture Use in Papua New Guinea

“Scripture Use power will change my people, my community, and PNG as a whole.”
~Papua New Guinean SU worker

Why Scripture Use?

What impact does a Bible translation have if it cannot be read or heard? Scripture Use is the work of producing and distributing appropriate Scripture and Scripture related products in a range of formats so that people have access to the Word of God and can understand, learn from, and apply the Word to their lives.  A Scripture Use worker comes alongside individuals and communities to help them encounter God through Scripture in such meaningful ways that they are progressively transformed.

What does a Scripture Use worker do?

1.     Provide resources: The SU office at Ukarumpa  has lots of resources for translators, pastors and communities to use to encourage Scripture use.

2.      Provide consultation: As needs arise, a Scripture Use worker is available to offer help to communities or individuals to assess the current situation and plan strategically for what Scripture Use ideas would best fit the community needs.

3.     Provide Workshops and Seminars: See below for some available workshops.

4.     Provide areas of expertise:  There are many different ways to be involved in SU and a worker often picks one or two areas to become an expert in so they can help others.

5.     Provide up-to-date SU ideas from around the globe

 There are many different avenues to use to help people get more involved in reading the Bible and applying it to their lives. Some examples are:

Children’s Ministry, Music, Drama, Storytelling, Illustrations, Literacy, Visual Arts, Vernacular Media and Bible helps.

 Some Workshops:

 Tok Ples (language) in Ministry (TPiM) course is for Bible schools, seminaries and other Christian training institutions to help Christian leaders better understand the role of tok ples (their own language) in Christian ministry. The course is designed to encourage and equip participants as they learn how to use their tok ples in various areas of ministry.  One participant said

 “Tok Pisin (trade language) is a ‘namel’ language and isn’t good for explaining Biblical things, so I thought I was going to have to learn English in order to explain the Bible. Now because of this week, I realized my own language is good for explaining the Bible. I’m so happy to know that I can use my own language.”

Trauma Healing Workshop applies Scripture to bring healing to those in need.

Scripture Application & Leadership Training (SALT) These workshops are held to encourage the study of God's Word in their own heart languages.

More on SALT:

Who might be interested in serving in Scripture Use?

-Those who like to apply Scripture to life and want to do so cross-culturally.
-Those who like to be with people and empower others.
-Any age, gender, or nationality.
-Minimum 2 year commitment plus 4 mos. language and culture training time.

Culture Meets Scripture

More information on Scripture Use:

Interested in learning more? Contact Wendy

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bible Translation-Use Investigator

If you’d enjoy meeting  people and experiencing the PNG culture while talking about God's Word AND would appreciate a physically challenging role, a Bible Translation-Use Investigator might be a perfect fit for you.

As in any language, a Bible translation often has to be revised due to language change. The Highlands Region has a plan to investigate all the published New Testaments in their region to determine if revisions are needed or if there are other barriers to reading the New Testaments.
Who are they looking for?

- Men who are adventurous. Possible encounters with rope bridge crossings and snakes and other critters are highly likely.

-Men willing to travel on rugged terrain, on foot or vehicle.

-Men who are willing to possibly cook over an open fire, eating lots of delicious root vegetables.

-Men willing to sit in the back of open-back pick-up trucks, possibly in the rain.

-Men willing to travel with at least two others, one of whom will be a Christian national.

-Men who want to see God’s Word treasured and used in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea.

The Role

After you are trained, you will head out to Highland villages for a period of a week or two. You will observe and investigate the need for Scripture reprints, or revision of these New Testaments, in multiple villages using a clipboard, digital audio recorder and camera. After you return to Ukarumpa, the SIL base (and have a hot shower), you will write a 3-5 page report of your findings and recommendations and do several oral debriefs. Then with the help of other staff you will examine maps, plan your next trip, get your gear ready and do it all over again

How long is the commitment?

We prefer someone coming for 1 to 2 years but would take someone that could come for 6 months. There is 6 weeks of culture orientation and language study in PNG on arrival at the Pacific Orientation Course.

Interested in learning more? Contact Wendy 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Bible Translation Team Facilitator

If you’re interested in helping Papua New Guinean Bible translators by mentoring them as they translate or revise God’s Word into their own language, this role is for you!

There are languages in the PNG Highlands that need a revision of their New Testaments or they would like a translation of the Old Testament.  Bible translation training for Papua New Guineans is available at the new Training Centre in Ukarumpa but they need someone to come along-side them to help them with the project.  Your Bible knowledge and English skills will help them translate accurately.  You can be a resource person that connects them to the correct training courses, mentors them in their classes and class assignments and facilitates their Bible translation efforts.

Who are we looking for?
-People that have a passion for God’s Word.
-People with servant, patient hearts.
-People with good interpersonal skills.
-People who enjoy working with people.
-People with the ability to listen, organize, seek advice and to work with a team.
-People that are innovative and willing to investigate what it takes to help others accomplish tasks.
-People that are comfortable being a facilitator rather than the leader.
-Knowledge or experience in teaching adults is helpful.

This is a one-year to a lifetime commitment.  The Highlands Regional Director is asking God for 15 of these singles or couples to assist the nationals in Highlands languages who are doing NT revisions and OT translation.

If you’d like more information about this role, contact  Wendy.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

SIL PNG Clinic

Ukarumpa Clinic
Do you have a desire to be involved in Bible translation by using your medical training and expertise?  If so, the SIL PNG Clinic could be the place for you!

The Clinic provides healthcare services (including dentistry) for missionaries, Papua New Guinea-based staff and employees of SIL, as well as a large local population around our Centre at Ukarumpa.  The Clinic has been in operation since the late 1950s.  We are located at Ukarumpa, Eastern Highlands Province.  Ours is a “bush” location roughly 30 miles east of Goroka.  The Clinic is an outpatient facility, providing daily healthcare services during the week, and after-hours urgent care and emergency service at all other times.  We also have a single short-term hospital-style bed for stays of less than 24 hours.  Missionaries requiring longer hospital stays or more advanced care are routinely medevaced to Australia.  This happens on average 12 to 14 times yearly.  They are accompanied by a doctor and/or nurse.

The Clinic is equipped with diagnostic equipment such as an X-ray machine, laboratory, ultrasound and EKG.

Who are we looking for?

--People who are flexible and adaptable

--People who have a servant’s heart and are team players

--People who will enjoy working in a multi-national medical facility consisting of missionaries from around the world as well as Papua New Guineans.

Interested in learning more?  Email Wendy.

PNG: Sepik Partnership & Engagement Strategy

There are still 103 language communities in the Sepik Region of Papua New Guinea alone that still do not have any Scriptures in their mother tongue. How do we reach these language groups with limited personnel? Take a look at this exciting new venture!

The Sepik Partnership & Engagement Strategy (SPES) has been created to engage these last 103 languages through partnering with the local church denominations; documenting these languages orally and inviting representatives from each of these groups to come to workshops where they will be taught oral Bible storytelling. As the communities continue to support the work, more work will be done, including basic literacy and Bible translation. Some groups may go on to full New Testaments and even whole Bibles, but the initial intent is to engage with these communities and together build capacity to progress in the Bible Translation Movement. The heart of the team is to see these language communities transformed by the power of God’s Word, oral or written, in the forms that speak best to them.

Learn more at SPES in PNG

Workshop in Wewak
Who are they looking for?

- who have the ability to work well with others
-are flexible, adaptable, teachable
-willing to serve in multiple areas, as a vital part of being a team is working together and sharing responsibilities
-willing to serve for a minimum of 2 years

Skills needed:
Organizational skills
Analytical skills
Wewak Regional Center
Those working on the SPES team live and work at the Wewak Regional Center in the Sepik lowlands with other families involved in the work. There are occasional visits to Ukarumpa in the Eastern Highlands.
Wewak Flats

If you are interested in learning more about the roles and how you can be involved, email Wendy

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

PNG Finance Office

Do you know that you can use your skills in Business, Accounting and Finance to help the task of Bible translation move forward in Papua New Guinea?  If you're one of these people, we need you!

Finance Office
Krista, an accountant in the Finance Office, has served for 6 years.  She says, "I love the challenge and I love to serve the Lord with all my mind."  Learn more about Krista and the Finance Office by watching this video.

Finance Office
Ukarumpa, our linguistic center in Papua New Guinea, has many departments that couldn't function without your expertise in the Finance Office.  The Finance team helps track the resources that are used for Bible translation, maintaining accountability to donors and governments.

Who are we looking for?

-who are flexible and adaptable.
-who are willing to serve in a mulit-cultural community.
-who have good organizational skills.

For more information, email Wendy.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Literacy Training with the Owas

By Karen Hopping

Teachers, Students and Karen

My heart and passion for Solomon Islanders is that they will know God through a living relationship with Him and God will change their lives to be more like Jesus! We can know God is through reading of His word the Bible. Many Solomon Islanders cannot read and have not had the opportunity to go to school in their life. I am so blessed to be able to serve these beautiful people in teaching them to be able to read and write in their own language so that they have access to read God's word and know Him! This photo is the class of 9 illiterate (but slowly becoming literate!!!) women and the 6 women I trained how to teach Bible-based adult literacy classes in their language, Owa! After only two weeks of classes all 9 women can now write their name on their own and know most of the sounds in their language! Some are able to read small words in their language. The class is continuing now that I am back here in Honiara and the teachers I have trained will continue teaching through the literacy book until they finish sometime in October. Please pray for all the teachers and the students as well as the community as a whole. Their eyes are opening to the gift of reading and they are thrilled about it! Praising God for all He has and is continuing to do in their lives!
The teachers I trained in Gupuna village and I taught one afternoon and 4 evening reading classes while I was in the village. These classes were specifically for those adults and youth who could read English but could NOT read their own language, Owa! We had from 40 to 80 people attend each class and they LOVED learning to read their own language! We sang language praise songs while the teacher pointed to the words on the chart. I taught them the sounds in their language and they laughed and enjoyed this part greatly. We then led them in everyone reading aloud together some verses in their Owa Bible and answering comprehension and application questions in groups. The first evening when I asked who could read Owa language only 4 or so hands went up! After the 5 classes together when I asked the same question (and actually checked them individually too) all except 2 new ones could now read Owa language, some slower than others!! I was thrilled and so were they! Pray that those who have now learnt how to read their own language will continue to read their Owa New Testament Bibles and God will speak to them through His Word!

After teaching a group of people in Gupuna Village how to read their language, Owa, I noticed that some women were starting to take their Owa New Testaments to church each morning for morning service and for Sunday church! I encouraged this dear lady when I saw her with her Owa Bible and she stopped and chatted with me for a while. She thanked me for coming to their village to teach them how to read their language! She said she believes God had a plan for me to come now as her village needed to learn to read! She told me that she could read English but she didn't understand what she was reading as it was in a language that she doesn't speak and doesn't really understand! She told me that Owa is her language and she has spoken Owa all her life but no one had taught her how to read her own language! She said that she had to wait until she was at church for the Pastor to read from the English Bible and then "chew it up" and explain it in Owa language for her to understand and feed from God's Word! She told me with great joy that she is so thankful that I came and taught her and others how to read her own language as now, any time and any day, she is able to read her Owa New Testament and feed from God's word herself!! This is why I love doing what I do here! Praying this dear lady continues to read and feed from the living Word of God and may God change her and make her more like Jesus!

Meet Dorothy from Gupuna Village Santa Ana! Dorothy is a beautiful lady who has never been to school before! She has dealt with a lot of fear and shame due to not being able to read and write! Dorothy was quick to come to our Owa Bible-based literacy class as she was keen to learn to read! After doing an initial test on Dorothy, we learnt that she could not write her name, knew no sounds in her language and could not read any words at all. After only 2 weeks of classes (2 hours a morning 5 days a week) Dorothy could write her name on her own and knew all the sounds in her language! She was also able to read some small words in Owa and read half a sentence!!! Dorothy's huge smile each time I walked past her leaf house spoke volumes to me!! One day I was walking to a friend's house when I saw Dorothy sitting down on the ground (the village is totally covered in sand, not grass and dirt!) and she was writing something in the sand! I looked and there she was sounding out some words in her language and writing them in the sand! I saw her baby grandchild playing in the sand beside her and was thrilled to see that Dorothy chose to practice reading and writing while also looking after her grandchild that day! Pray for Dorothy - she has not been to church since her husband died. Pray that as she continues to learn to read that she will read more and more of her Owa Bible and God will draw her to Himself! Such a beautiful lady!!
Karen Hopping is passionate about helping illiterate people learn to read and have their lives changed through reading and studying their translated Bibles. She is teaching and training in Bible-based literacy work to build capacity in local churches and literacy agencies in the Solomons. She also ministers to a group of street girls and aside from the challenges, she loves speaking truth, life and love into the lives of these girls.

Owa New Testament Dedication
For more information on the work in the Solomon Islands, click here.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

PNG: New facility improves women’s access to training opportunities

Catherine Rua of World Vision emphasized
 the role of women in bringing about positive change.

On August 11, 2012, representatives from government and partnering organizations joined SIL leadership to celebrate the opening of a new women’s dormitory at SIL’s regional Training Centre in Ukarumpa, in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea (PNG). The dormitory provides accommodations for up to twenty women. Another twenty-bed addition is planned. In attendance at the opening was the newly elected Member of Parliament for Obura-Wonenara district, Mr. Mehrra Minne Kipeta, who voiced his support for training and his appreciation of the new facility.

The new dormitory facility at the Ukarump
a Training Centre provides housing for up to
twenty women. Another section with an
 additional twenty beds is planned.
SIL PNG’s leadership is encouraged by expanding opportunities for the nation’s women in many fields, including government, education, business and community development. The dormitory provides housing for women who come to Ukarumpa from across PNG for training for leadership in a variety of language development and community development activities, including linguistics, translation and mother-tongue literacy. The campus also provides a men’s dormitory.

In addition to providing the basic need of housing, the new facility will enhance participants’ experience by allowing for fellowship and discussion outside of the formal classroom setting. This safe and secure on-campus option also eliminates the stress of locating suitable temporary lodgings and of travel to campus each day, allowing participants more time and energy to focus on their courses.

Funding for the dormitory was provided by several organizations, including the Papua New Guinea Sustainable Development Program (PNGSDP). Another organization which provided funding as well as design and construction of the building was Wycliffe Associates, an organization staffed by volunteers who donate time to support language development projects around the world.

One of the first guests in the new dorm is Catherine Rua of the international NGO World Vision. Rua came to Ukarumpa to participate in the new course entitled “Literacy, Leadership, Education and Development” (LLEAD),* which equips participants to lead adult literacy and numeracy programs in their local communities. Rua expressed appreciation for SIL’s efforts to provide a safe, secure and welcoming environment for female participants. Her address to the dedication audience emphasized the important role of women as agents of positive change in their homes, communities, the workplace and the nation as a whole.

In addition to the dormitories, the Ukarumpa Training Centre has three large classrooms, a well-equipped kitchen and a large dining room beautifully finished in natural PNG timbers, which can accommodate up to two hundred people.

With over eight hundred living languages, PNG may be the most linguistically complex nation in the world. Since 1956 SIL has cooperated with local communities, government ministries and other NGO partners to support language development in nearly four hundred ethnolinguistic communities.

*LLEAD is one of three new stand-alone courses which were formerly combined in a single course known as STEP (Strengthening Tokples Education in PNG). The other newly-independent components are VERA (“Vernacular Education for Rural Areas”) and VEM (“Vernacular Education Modules”), which are designed to equip elementary school teachers in Multilingual Education.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"All the Nations" – A celebration of the translation effort in PNG.
20 August, 2012 – Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea Tim Scott

"Inspiring", "Motivational", "Moving", these were some of the words expressed after the "All the Nations" service on Sunday, August 19th in Ukarumpa, PNG. It was a celebration of Papua New Guinean mother-tongue translation projects produced by SIL and BTA in the past year.

Forty-seven different efforts impacting more than forty language groups were recognised, including six completed New Testaments. Four of these New Testament publications also included portions of the Old Testament. Also receiving recognition were single New and Old Testament books, audio and video Scripture recordings, Jesus films and online publications.
The celebration began with a processional of Papua New Guineans, each holding a translated work that was completed sometime between August 2011 and August 2012. The crowd responded with enthusiastic clapping and cheering, as each participant brought a new translation to the front where they placed them on a display table. One colleague was so excited that he shouted out praise in his own language while walking done the aisle. The processional was followed by an international choir singing "All The Nations ", while a video highlighting the new translations was played in the background.
Many attenders of the celebration are directly involved in the language development and translation work in Papua New Guinea or spend a majority of their time and effort supporting the process. It was a very rewarding time for them to see the results of their labour.

For more information on PNG Bible translation click here.

PNG Bible Translation Association

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

PNG: Urgent need for medical workers

The Ukarumpa Clinic has some positions that need to filled - now!  Do you have a year or more to give to use your skills to further Bible translation? 

Papua New Guinea is a country of over 800 language groups many of which do not have God's Word. Translators are working hard to bring the Scriptures to the people of PNG and for many them this means living in remote communities without medical facilities. The Clinic provides primary care for these translation teams and for the local community. The work of Bible translation would have a very difficult time moving forward if the clinic is not sufficiently staffed.

Watch a 5 min. video to learn more about the Ukarumpa Clinic by clicking here.
There are open positions for:

2 Doctors

2 or 3 Registered Nurses/Nurse Practitioners/Physician's Assistants

Dental Hygienist

Physical Therapist

Medical Lab Technician


Clinic Manager  click here for more information

The Ukarumpa Clinic is located in Aiyura Valley in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. To learn more about life there, click here.

If you'd like to more information, email me at

Friday, June 15, 2012

Vanuatu: South West Tanna New Testament Dedication

Nivhaar Speakers receive the Bible in their mother tongue
Article from Daily Post in Vanuatu

The 10 year project of translating the New Testament into the South West Tanna language of Nivhaar is now complete and there was great celebration at the launching of the new books last Thursday in Yanemilen village. Yasur volcano rumbled in the background as a large group of women made the ground rumble with their energetic and colourful kastom dancing. Not only was the New Testament published as a book but an audio recording was also made, and solar powered audio players were a popular item when the sales began.

Translation Team

Ken and Mendy Nehrbass, linguist-translators with the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) were invited to Yanemilen village, by the Presbyterian church towards the end of 2002 and for the next many years, they trained a team of Nivhaar speakers to translate, check and edit every one of the almost 8,000 verses of the life changing Book. The village honored the Nehrbass family for all their help to the community, and they in turn congratulated the team of Nivhaar translators and editors, presenting certificates to each of the 17 men and women.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

ESL Teacher needed for PNG Bible Translators

God is at work and is raising up Papua New Guineans who want to help translate the Bible into their own language, a wonderful answer to prayer!  A major obstacle for some of them is that they don't know enough English to be able to attend training courses and read all the translation helps and commentaries in English. 

Would you consider using your training to come alongside these men and women to increase their knowledge and understanding of English and encourage them along in their studies?

What qualities are we looking for?

1. A genuine respect for other cultures, a desire to learn from and share one’s knowledge and a real sense of equality as partners in the work.
2. Skills in cross-cultural inter-personal relationships and communication.
3. Good verbal and written English language skills.
4. Competence in Tok Pisin - training provided.


ESL certification and experience
Some SIL classes
Willingness to look to the Lord to provide for their needs through the partnership of individuals and churches that pray and give financially to Wycliffe in support of their ministries.

Most likely you will be based at Ukarumpa but you might travel to one of our 8 regional centers.

Email Wendy for more information.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

PNG: Bible Translation Awareness Weekend

Good friends of ours, Jim and Ginny Tomlinson, are currently serving as Madang Center Managers.  The center is used as a hub for translation teams in the Madang Province. 

They shared this encouraging news:

Students from Divine Word and several Madang technological  schools – Friday eve

The last weekend in April a team of volunteers came from Ukarumpa to help us with creating awareness of translation needs for the 100 remaining groups without scripture in Madang province. This initiative was designed to bring awareness and to trust the Lord to move in the hearts of some to become involved in helping in the work. It was a huge success, we were able to see how God had prepared the hearts of the local congregations for this challenge.

Pastors from all across Madang province interested in translation progress
 Friday evening a group of several hundred college students gathered for a praise and worship service which included two hours of in-depth explanation of the what, why and how of doing a translation and the need for indigenous translators and literacy workers to be trained to work in groups still without scripture. Saturday  afternoon Jim and few others spoke to a group of pastors attending their denominational conference. They serve in villages throughout the province and want their people to help with next steps towards needed translations. We will follow up with these groups. Sunday morning the group divided up going to 7 different churches each giving a presentation as part of the morning services. Church times are very flexible and invitations to share about translation of scriptures ranged from 40 minutes to 2 hours in length with most churches opting for the longer presentation.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

MegaVoice: Orally Communicating God's Word

Jimmy, an older man who had practised divination and magic all his life, first heard the Scriptures in his language on someone else’s MegaVoice. He was intrigued, obtained his own machine and listened intently to God’s Word. ‘All my life I have practised magic, but after hearing God’s Word, I know that this is the truth?’ He became a Christian, gave up his magic and immediately began sharing his new-found faith in Christ. He still doesn’t read but continues to grow in faith by listening to his MegaVoice, and faithfully sharing Christ with others.
Not everyone will be able to read the translated Scriptures in their own language but that will not stop them from hearing the translated word with new technology like MegaVoice. MegaVoice is a small solar-powered self-contained digital audio player onto which the North Tanna New Testament has been recorded. They are in hot demand and making a difference in people’s lives.

From Beyond Words,

To read more how technology is being used in Vanuatu and else where,  click here. 

For more information on our work in Vanuatu click here. 

To read another story of MegaVoice use in Papua New Guinea, click here. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Managers are needed in Papua New Guinea!

One of the greatest needs/roles we have in the work of Bible translation is managers and administrators. Did you know that the managerial skills you have could be used to further Bible translation? These are critical-mission roles and when they aren't filled, quite often a Bible translator is asked to fill a role until someone else can take over.  Thus, serving in this role not only contributes to the Bible translation efforts in all of Papua New Guinea, it also might allow a translator to continue in their work.

Click here to learn more about the opportunities and see all the manager/administrator roles that are needed.  If you have further questions you can email or

School Teachers are needed in Papua New Guinea

I have a special place in my heart for MK (missionary kid) teachers.  Not only have they blessed me by teaching our kids while we were at Ukarumpa but they played an important part in each of our children's lives.  I am so thankful to God for bringing teachers to PNG!  One of the greatest need in missions is for MK teachers. If the kids are happy and taken care of, the parents are happy and can continue on in their work.

Here's a short video from a teacher at Ukarumpa.

If we don't have enough teachers, usually a translator is asked to fill the need until someone else can take over.  If you're a teacher, would you be willing to give a year or 2 or 3 or ? to be involved in Bible translation by using your skills as a teacher?  We have needs for traditional teacher roles as well as non-traditional teacher roles.

Read more about the needs here. 

Ukarumpa International School website

For more information about Ukarumpa click here.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What lengths would you take to hear God's Word?

Worth the Trip
by Karen Weaver

What would you be willing to do to hear God's Word in your language? Would you hike for half a day? Would you cross a rugged mountain? Would you navigate a vine bridge suspended over a raging river?

Vine bridge over the Yuat River
Phot by Markus Melliger
That's what Wapena Mei did in order to obtain a small solar-powered device that has a recording of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Acts in the Pinai-Hagahai language. You see, Wapena knew it would be worth the trip because he had already been listening to the oral Scriptures for more than a year. But when his family's player broke and they learned that 70 more would be distributed in a village across the mountain, his wife gave him the charge, "Go and get us another one of those MegaVoice units."

Wapena was successful in his mission and he and his wife Makome will again be able to listen to the Pinai-Hagahai Scriptures in their small dwelling as they go to sleep at night. Wapena also uses it as a resource to prepare sermons for preaching in area churches.

Wapena Mei
Wapena Mei listending to Scriptures
Photo by Karen Weaver

Convinced that God's Word is applicable to every area of life, Wapena is eager to share the truth with others. Because hospitals are not easily accessible to everyone, the Papua New Guinean government trains people to work at Aid Posts in remote areas. Wapena is one of those aid post workers. As he does his job, he does not forget the Scriptures he's heard. When he hands out medicine he tells the men, "You can swallow these pills, but they won't do you any good if you take another man's wife."

Hearing God's Word daily keeps it in the forefront of Wapena's heart and mind. Now that he has a way to continue hearing God's talk, Wapena will keep sharing that Good News with others in his home, his church, and in his work. Yes, it was definitely worth the trip.

 Read more about the revival amongst the Pinai-Hagahai.