Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"All the Nations" – A celebration of the translation effort in PNG.
20 August, 2012 – Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea Tim Scott

"Inspiring", "Motivational", "Moving", these were some of the words expressed after the "All the Nations" service on Sunday, August 19th in Ukarumpa, PNG. It was a celebration of Papua New Guinean mother-tongue translation projects produced by SIL and BTA in the past year.

Forty-seven different efforts impacting more than forty language groups were recognised, including six completed New Testaments. Four of these New Testament publications also included portions of the Old Testament. Also receiving recognition were single New and Old Testament books, audio and video Scripture recordings, Jesus films and online publications.
The celebration began with a processional of Papua New Guineans, each holding a translated work that was completed sometime between August 2011 and August 2012. The crowd responded with enthusiastic clapping and cheering, as each participant brought a new translation to the front where they placed them on a display table. One colleague was so excited that he shouted out praise in his own language while walking done the aisle. The processional was followed by an international choir singing "All The Nations ", while a video highlighting the new translations was played in the background.
Many attenders of the celebration are directly involved in the language development and translation work in Papua New Guinea or spend a majority of their time and effort supporting the process. It was a very rewarding time for them to see the results of their labour.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

PNG: Urgent need for medical workers

The Ukarumpa Clinic has some positions that need to filled - now!  Do you have a year or more to give to use your skills to further Bible translation? 

Papua New Guinea is a country of over 800 language groups many of which do not have God's Word. Translators are working hard to bring the Scriptures to the people of PNG and for many them this means living in remote communities without medical facilities. The Clinic provides primary care for these translation teams and for the local community. The work of Bible translation would have a very difficult time moving forward if the clinic is not sufficiently staffed.

Watch a 5 min. video to learn more about the Ukarumpa Clinic by clicking here.
There are open positions for:

2 Doctors

2 or 3 Registered Nurses/Nurse Practitioners/Physician's Assistants

Dental Hygienist

Physical Therapist

Medical Lab Technician


Clinic Manager  click here for more information

The Ukarumpa Clinic is located in Aiyura Valley in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. To learn more about life there, click here.

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