Thursday, March 3, 2016

Top Personnel needs in the Pacific

Needed!      Linguist/translators, translation advisors, multi-language team facilitators
                    Literacy/MLE specialists, Scripture Engagement and Survey specialists

                    AND, in support of all Bible translation and language development work, we urgently need the following roles filled.


The Australian Society for Indigenous Languages (AuSIL) needs:

Finance Manager

Do you want a job where you know you will make an impact for all eternity? Would you like to use your accounting and managerial abilities to help further worldwide Bible translation? Then consider working as the Accounting Manager for our team in the Northern Territory, Australia. 

We are looking for a person to be responsible for the administration of AuSIL finances as an integral part of the Admin team.  The position would preferably be filled by a qualified accountant familiar with Australian accounting practices and familiar (or willing to become familiar) with SIL International financial systems.  Responsibilities will include coordinating internal and external audits, and providing input on long term financial strategies and planning. The person taking up this position would preferably be based in Darwin.

Audio-visual Media Manager

AuSIL is looking for a person to manage efforts related to our Scripture Engagement strategy which aims to develop, produce and distribute audio Scriptures and related audio-visual materials in all languages where consultant approved translations have been produced --- currently this is over 30 languages.  This role will include managing, coordinating and implementing new projects as well as overseeing the digitization of legacy materials. Experience in recording would be helpful, but of greater significance to this role is the ability to coordinate projects and manage AuSIL’s expanding collection of audio-visual materials for Scripture Engagement. Minimum two year commitment.

Learn more about AuSIL by clicking here.

Pacific Area Finance Coordinator

Do you have a background as an accountant but would prefer a role overseeing the smooth flow of finances to language related projects around the Pacific? This job requires travelling to various Pacific locations at least once a year and the ability to encourage and advise local staff in fiscal procedures. Problem-solving skills a must.

Qualifications: Accountant or related qualifications, cross cultrual skill, experience with ACCPac an advantage.

Papua New Guinea

SIL PNG has an urgent need for two Accountants.

Are you a qualified accountant interested in serving overseas in support of Bible translation? Accountants fill a critical need by providing financial and administrative oversight of Branch and Member funds.

Duties Include: To provide leadership and general accounting assistance to departments and regions in the Branch, and to train nationals for service in these departments.

-Responsible for monthly review and analysis and miscellaneous office ledger reports and operating statements.
-Responsible for assisting Department and Regional bookkeepers, directed by Finance Department Manager or Director Assistant for Finance.
-Responsible to train and advise Finance office bookkeeping and clerical staff as directed by Manager.
-Prepare special accounting reports and analysis as required by the department manager or Director assistant for Finance.

Qualifications: General Accounting experience plus industry experience as accountant or auditor strongly preferred. Computer literacy and fluency in spoken/written English required. Able to meet deadlines and work under pressure. Organized, methodical and responsible work habits.

Consider using your experience and skills as an accountant to support Bible translation and have a part in seeing lives changed by the Word of God in their heart language.

You can learn more about the Finance Office in PNG here.

Upper Elementary School Teacher

Come and teach at the WASC accredited Ukarumpa International School – Primary Campus, attended by 150 children from preschool to grade 6. We have a new school, good resources, supportive parents and a committed and professional teaching staff. Face the challenge of teaching children from as many as 14 different counties in English whilst at the same time integrating a Christian world-view into your lessons. And, in all of this, you are supporting the eternal work of Bible Translation! 

Duties include: Responsible for teaching elementary school pupils academic, social, and manipulative skills at Ukarumpa International School Primary Campus.  This position is for someone flexible to work in grades 3-6.

Qualifications:  Valid teaching certificate or equivalent.

You can learn more about the Ukarumpa International School here.

Pacific Orientation Course Center Manager

Do you enjoy cross-cultural ministry and seeing others equipped for successful cross-cultural ministry? Do you prefer to serve directly with the national community? Serving on staff at the Pacific Orientation Course (POC) gives you the opportunity to do both!  

Located on a low mountaintop overlooking Madang town and the Pacific Ocean, POC uses a small former mission base that is nestled among local village communities.  In order to free up the course Director and other staff to provide the course curriculum, a Centre Manager is needed. The tropical climate may be delightful for the staff and participants, but it produces ongoing maintenance needs for the buildings, vehicles and grounds.  Local workmen are available for most tasks, but a supervisor/manager is needed to oversee the whole operation. This course is designed to equip participants with the tools for ongoing learning in cross-cultural ministry. How about joining the POC staff and working alongside dedicated expatriate and PNG  staff to equip  enthusiastic new workers for their cross-cultural ministry.

Qualifications: Experience in construction, plumbing or electrical work.  Field experience preferred. Management training and experience preferred.

Learn more about the Pacific Orientation Course here.

Short Term Opportunities:

Teachers at Ukarumpa International School: Gr 4 teacher for 6-12 months and a music teacher for one year

  1. ·         Grader Operator for airstrip maintenance: one month
  2. ·         Computer Programmer: to solve problems with the Aviation flight program. One year
  3. ·         Mechanic: Fix various tractors, rollers etc for the Aviation department. 6-12 months
  4. ·         Construction person/team: to help with renovations for Aviation. 3-6 months

Inventory helper – Help is needed to organize the inventories for the Construction and Maintenance Department. Maybe a 1-2 month commitment. 

Solomon Islands

Support Services Manager

Solomon Islands Translation Advisory Group (SITAG) is looking for a Support Services Manager for our operations in the country. This position involves a variety of work including handling the day to day operation of the offices, overseeing employees and serving the needs of the members of our group. Skill in maintenance is an advantage as well as basic computer skills and a willingness to drive (right hand drive).  Flexibility and a desire to serve is a must.
Library Assistant: to update the technical library catalog and take an inventory. This job might take about 1-3 months.

You can learn more about the work in the Solomon Islands here.


Bible Translation Advisors!

There are language groups who want help to translate the Bible but there aren’t enough translators to help them.
Vanuatu, an island nation with a population of only 250,000 is home to over 100 distinct language groups.Translation efforts over the past 25 years have produced New Testaments which are reaching many groups in their heart languages. Another 14 Bible translation programs are in progress, BUT that leaves 50 to 60 language groups without one word of Scripture in their language! The languages present quite a challenge – most of them have 1000 speakers or less, but linguists agree that many are hardy and viable. Please join us as we mentor and disciple this new generation through Bible translation into their heart languages.

Language Survey Help

Vanuatu is looking for someone to help with survey and research (not a full socio-linguistic survey, but some parts). It would involve library and internet research, travel to various islands, creating a database of information and/or updating current databases they have. They would liaise with various linguists who have worked in the country and may be asked to help organize and run Rapid Word Collection workshops.

·         Self-starter.
·         Married couple or single men.
·         Physically fit and able to rough it on the islands.
·         Willing to travel by foot, small boat, small airplane and travel light.
·         Willing to eat local foods.
·         Must be willing to live without internet most of the time.
·         Must be fluent in Bislama or spend 3 months in intensive Bislama language learning.
Academics: introductory phonetics, phonology, grammar. Cross-cultural experience preferred, but a minimum of one course in language and culture acquisition. Term is a minimum of 2 years. Start time: ASAP.

You can learn more about our work in Vanuatu here.

Email Wendy for more information.