Friday, June 15, 2012

Vanuatu: South West Tanna New Testament Dedication

Nivhaar Speakers receive the Bible in their mother tongue
Article from Daily Post in Vanuatu

The 10 year project of translating the New Testament into the South West Tanna language of Nivhaar is now complete and there was great celebration at the launching of the new books last Thursday in Yanemilen village. Yasur volcano rumbled in the background as a large group of women made the ground rumble with their energetic and colourful kastom dancing. Not only was the New Testament published as a book but an audio recording was also made, and solar powered audio players were a popular item when the sales began.

Translation Team

Ken and Mendy Nehrbass, linguist-translators with the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) were invited to Yanemilen village, by the Presbyterian church towards the end of 2002 and for the next many years, they trained a team of Nivhaar speakers to translate, check and edit every one of the almost 8,000 verses of the life changing Book. The village honored the Nehrbass family for all their help to the community, and they in turn congratulated the team of Nivhaar translators and editors, presenting certificates to each of the 17 men and women.