Saturday, May 31, 2014

Blogs from the Pacific

These blogs are being written by people serving in the Pacific.  Some are more current than others but you can read them to get a feel for what their life and ministry is like.  

Solomon Islands

The Lantrip Family: Serving a Bibleless people in the Pacific, assisting in translating God's Word into their mother tongue.

The Choate Family: Serving as Translation Advisors

Havengadventure:  Serving as Translation Advisors

Papua New Guinea

The PNG Experience  Bible translation and language development in PNG



Life and Language Survey in Papua New Guinea  Juliann is no longer serving there but you can read her blog to learn more about survey work.

Language Intern:



Friday, May 30, 2014

Language Survey

Survey work - one of the most adventurous roles we have! 

Do you have a love for languages and an interest in
analyzing them?  Do you want to see a Bible translation in the heart language for everyone in PNG?  Consider serving with us!

A language survey or assessment is the first step in the process of Bible translation.  A sample of questions that the report answers are: Where are the language boundaries? Are there dialects?  If so, do they each need a translation or can they all understand one of the dialects?  What is the literacy rate?

In Papua New Guinea, the Survey Office is located in the Highlands of PNG at the Ukarumpa center.  Most likely you will be based at Ukarumpa when you are not on survey hikes.  You and your team will gather data before starting the survey, then you’ll head out for a 1-4 week survey trip. As you gather language data, you’ll have the opportunity to visit with local people, eat their food and sleep in their houses.  

There is also a need for language surveyors in Vanuatu.

Check out a blog written by a language surveyor in PNG.

Surveying the Situation  short video from PNG
To the Ends of the Earth: Vanuatu short video from Vanuatu

Here  is a recent survey of the Bebeli language in PNG.

So what makes a good Language Surveyor?

Someone who is:

-Adventurous, flexible, able to deal with ambiguity

-a team player

-Physically, emotionally, spiritually hardy and sociable

-Writing and computer skills are helpful

There are still many languages that need to be surveyed before Bible translation can begin.

Does this role interest you? 

Contact Wendy at for more information.

PNG: Scripture Use Media

Would you like to be involved in making the Word of God more accessible and understandable to Papua New Guineans by recording Scriptures, Bible stories, worship songs and the Jesus or Luke video?  We are blessed with many tools to make the Gospel message understandable in one’s heart language.  Come and be a part of this vital need!

For the story of one couple working in Papua New Guinea who used audio recordings to aid literacy efforts and compile local music in the Bargam language, click here.

The Scripture Use Media office is located in the highlands of Papua New Guinea at Ukarumpa.  You’ll be doing recordings here but also in the villages--working with Papua New Guineans to make recordings of their own language.  Watching people’s faces as they listen to the Word of God in their own language is awesome!  It can make a huge difference in order to understand and apply Bible truths to their lives.

What are some of the job responsibilities and skills needed to do this type of work?
Ø  Learn the language of wider communication and the culture
Ø  Download recordings onto listening hardware such as media players or SD cards
Ø  Communicates spiritual values cross-culturally
Ø  Records and edits audio Scripture and post-produces finished product
Ø  Some technical skill is helpful including being comfortable with computers
Ø  In good physical condition and willing and able to “rough it”

Also helpful but not required:
    v  Previous electronic/communications/music training
    v  Previous multicultural experience

We will provide training!  For more information, contact