Thursday, July 28, 2016

Needed: Regional Centre Managers

Regional Centres play a vital role in the Bible translation efforts in PNG!

We were very encouraged and blessed by the regional centre that we used as we went in and out of the village. Not only did we have a comfortable place to sleep but the centre managers encouraged us and offered their support through shopping, transportation and weekly conversations on the radio. I really can't imagine doing the work without their help. 

Due to the importance of the regional offices for the work in each region, keeping these  centres up and running is critical.  If there isn't anyone available to serve as a manager in any of the 8 regional centres, Bible translators are often asked to fill in until someone else can take over the duties.

         There are 8 Regional Centres. #7 is the Pacific Orientation Course

Each Regional Centre has an office, a home for the centre manager and family, a workshop meeting room and several fully furnished duplexes for guests and workshop participants.

The type of person we are looking for has the following qualities:
-A servant heart, including the willingness to do a variety of jobs.
-Excited by challenges
-Basic business and management skills
-An ability to appreciate and work in a multi-national atmosphere.
-The willingness to build a team of prayer and financial partners

-Shopping for translators
-Radio Skeds
-Airport pickups
-Maintaining the center
-Managing staff
-and more...lots of variety!

Blog Post and video from a couple who serve as Regional Centre Managers at  Alotau: What We Do as Regional Centre Managers

Read about Joe and Heather Patrick, new regional centre managers.

PNG: Ukarumpa Autoshop

If you are looking for a way to use your mechanic skills to serve in Bible translation and are flexible with a servant heart, please join us.  You are needed!

The Auto Shop at Ukarumpa is critical for the Bible translation efforts around the country. The closest other reliable auto shop is 90 km. away. We had a Hilux truck that we used to get to our village allocation and we are very grateful for the availability and expertise of the Auto Shop staff!

The Auto Shop includes:

 -machine shop
-welding fabrication
-small engine repair
-outboard motor repair
-small appliance repair
-parts room
-auto body repair

The shop is also helping village teams with their needs, such as generator and airstrip lawn mower repairs.  They are also looking into how to better support and serve the regional centers.

The Auto Shop staff also have 2 weeks a year to minister in another way, such has helping a translator in a village or showing the Jesus film to local villages.

Read Andrew's blog to learn more about life at Ukarumpa and the work in the Auto Shop.

For more information, contact Wendy at

Teach at Ukarumpa International School

I love teaching at UIS. I enjoy my students and know that I am making a difference. Papua New Guinea is a great place to serve! Melissa Yoder - 1st Grade Teacher
Ukarumpa International School (UIS) is located at  Ukarumpa in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea and exists to support the work of Bible translation.  Teachers educate the children of those who are working to provide God's Word to the people of Papua New Guinea.

UIS  supports the work of SIL by providing, in partnership with parents, a Christ-centred education that develops a Biblical worldview and prepares students to successfully function in all aspects of life.

The Primary and Secondary Campuses serve 250 students
from preschool to Grade 12. Students literally come from around the world!

Basic Qualifications:

-A desire to serve God through teaching
-Home country teaching credentials
-At least one year of teaching experience
-A high degree of flexibility
-A willingness to trust God for financial
support (The school pays no salaries.)

We need you!

For more information:

Ukarumpa International School website

Teach at UIS Facebook page

Blog post about an event at the High School

I'd be happy to answer questions you might have about UIS, tell you what life is like at Ukarumpa (wonderful community!) or to tell you what a blessing UIS has been to my family.