Wednesday, March 11, 2015

PNG: Communications and Technical Services

Communications and Technical Services (CTS) is a vital department supporting Bible translation and the SIL PNG community. Those who work in CTS intentionally select, create and maintain technology systems for the purpose of accelerating and accomplishing the translation of the Bible into all languages.

CTS provides communications and technical services and products to SIL PNG translators and support workers as well as other missions and private customers in PNG.

The CTS department consists of about 20 national and ex-patriate employees (more needed!!) working together in Programming, Networking, Telephone, Electronics Repair, and Solar Power.   

:  Supports corporate and home networks, satellite connection (for internet and  email), data backup, maintenance of internal websites in Ukarumpa and seven regional centers.  

: Handles the telephone services (VOIP and analog) for on-Center calls and works in providing connections to Telikom and Digicel Networks in PNG.

: CTS is the go-to-place when something

needs to be repaired.  The department has  repaired electrical tools, household appliances (from toasters to microwaves), TVs, radios, uninterruptable power systems, alarms, watches and clocks, power inverters, stereos, printers/copiers, ink and laser cartridge refill, HF radios, computers (and everything that attaches to them), and solar systems. CTS also provides technical assistance via radio to village teams and rental equipment.

Sales Counter
:  CTS has a store that stocks things from electrical components to mice, to batteries, to solar panels.  CTS also can special order items that are not in stock.

Help Desk
:  Provides services including virus and

malware scans, installing licensed software and updates to Microsoft, Apple, and Linux computer systems.

While serving the translation activities in the country, the CTS Department is located in Ukarumpa our Linguistic Centre.   

In our experience of living at Ukarumpa, being involved in a Bible translation program and reading over all that the Communications and Technical Services provides to support Bible translation, I can safely say:

This department is extremely important and vital for the 200+ Bible translation programs that are going on now, not to forget the 300+ languages still waiting for God’s Word in a language they can clearly understand.

Would you consider using your skills to further Bible translation in PNG by serving in one of these areas for a year or more?  

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