Friday, September 9, 2011

PNG: Revival Amongst the Pinai Hagahai

Recently I received news of a revival that broke out amongst the Pinai-Hagahai people of Papua New Guinea and I wanted to share it with you since it was such an encouragement to me.  Markus and Liisa Melliger, began their work amongst them in 1993 and while there was a church there, criminal activity in those days was so severe that Markus sometimes thought, “This is indeed a God-forsaken place.”                                                                                                                                                             
 In 2008, they completed the 4 Gospels and Acts and had it printed for distribution.  Due to the literacy rate amongst the people, they were excited about the opportunity to use the MegaVoice  machines (solar powered audio Bibles) with recording of this portion of Scripture. They strategically spread the MegaVoices to each village.  Recently they made a trip to the village to see whether or not it is worth it in the future to make all of the New Testament available not only in book form but also in oral form.  They came away very encouraged so see the impact of God’s Word amongst the people.

Markus said, “To us, the testimonies which the people gave are truly amazing and nothing short of a miracle. Here are some of their responses which speak volumes and which make the years of extremely hard work all worth it.”  (I remember the difficult times they have had but yet God enabled them to continue on in the work.)

Here are a few quotes:

 Kukume, a young woman and wife of one of the pastors: “I got my MegaVoice player three years ago. It still works. I listen to it daily with many family members. Stories I remember from listening are for instance how Jesus helped Peter to catch a lot of fish or how the Holy Spirit was poured out on the disciples.”

 Ikowa, a young married man: “I got mine three years ago. I take good care of it and it still works. One story I remember is how the Word is God and created everything.”

 Wadaag, an old man and widower: “I used it often until children destroyed it. I was very happy about it. I want a new one. One of the stories I remember is the water of life that Jesus gives.”

 Kandama, an old man: “I used it often. But the rain destroyed it when I left it on the roof of the house for it to be charged in the sun. I was very happy about it. When the pastors speak in Tok Pisin or Enga, I did not believe. Now I heard it my own language and I believed. The talk is clear now. I heard that we should not slander or judge others. I saw my guilt. I stopped doing that. I also wanted to remove the splinter from the eyes of others but I myself had a log in my eyes. I saw my guilt. I stopped doing that. When I help others I must help them in secret. My wife also wants a MegaVoice player, but I said no. The others have nothing at all, so we must share ours.”

Kauwasa, a middle-aged man: “My wife has one. I was a man of gambling and playing cards. Now I want one, too. I don’t understand Tok Pisin. I want to hear my own language. We listen to it daily. At noon we listen to it. We listen to it before going to sleep. Then we pray. Then we sleep.”

Kodap, a young married man and bilingual speaker of Pinai-Hagahai and Enga: “I didn’t go to church. I never had a MegaVoice player. I listened to the one of others. I listened to it, and last month I got converted. I gave up gambling, smoking, and chewing betel-nuts. I remember that Jesus is the Word of God.”

Noane, a young pastor who now works in a bilingual village at the edge of the language group: “I got one three years ago, but now its volume has gone down. I want a new one. I use it daily. It helps me do my work as pastor.”

 Todame, the bilingual wife of Tande: “I want one. I never had one. Others had one. I listened to it, and it is sweet. I listened to it, I understood it, and I believed. I really like the word of God. My husband Tande got one three years ago, but he did not give it to me. Tande listened to it and believed and joined the church.”

Mogome, a middle-aged woman: “I heard the story of Zacchaeus, the short man who climbed up on a tree to see Jesus. That story spoke to my heart. He was not a good man, and I’m not a good woman. I want to change a few things in my life. I need to pray.”

Sagalia, a young mother: “I heard Matthew 7:7 about asking and receiving, seeking and finding. My faith went to this verse. It’s my memory verse. Now when I have a problem, I pray. It helps me and my husband. Before I was married, I was like the woman in John 4. I heard this story, and it spoke to my heart. I changed my ways. I go to church.”

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