Tuesday, October 30, 2012

SIL PNG Clinic

Ukarumpa Clinic
Do you have a desire to be involved in Bible translation by using your medical training and expertise?  If so, the SIL PNG Clinic could be the place for you!

The Clinic provides healthcare services (including dentistry) for missionaries, Papua New Guinea-based staff and employees of SIL, as well as a large local population around our Centre at Ukarumpa.  The Clinic has been in operation since the late 1950s.  We are located at Ukarumpa, Eastern Highlands Province.  Ours is a “bush” location roughly 30 miles east of Goroka.  The Clinic is an outpatient facility, providing daily healthcare services during the week, and after-hours urgent care and emergency service at all other times.  We also have a single short-term hospital-style bed for stays of less than 24 hours.  Missionaries requiring longer hospital stays or more advanced care are routinely medevaced to Australia.  This happens on average 12 to 14 times yearly.  They are accompanied by a doctor and/or nurse.

The Clinic is equipped with diagnostic equipment such as an X-ray machine, laboratory, ultrasound and EKG.

Who are we looking for?

--People who are flexible and adaptable

--People who have a servant’s heart and are team players

--People who will enjoy working in a multi-national medical facility consisting of missionaries from around the world as well as Papua New Guineans.

Interested in learning more?  Email Wendy.

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