Tuesday, May 1, 2012

PNG: Bible Translation Awareness Weekend

Good friends of ours, Jim and Ginny Tomlinson, are currently serving as Madang Center Managers.  The center is used as a hub for translation teams in the Madang Province. 

They shared this encouraging news:

Students from Divine Word and several Madang technological  schools – Friday eve

The last weekend in April a team of volunteers came from Ukarumpa to help us with creating awareness of translation needs for the 100 remaining groups without scripture in Madang province. This initiative was designed to bring awareness and to trust the Lord to move in the hearts of some to become involved in helping in the work. It was a huge success, we were able to see how God had prepared the hearts of the local congregations for this challenge.

Pastors from all across Madang province interested in translation progress
 Friday evening a group of several hundred college students gathered for a praise and worship service which included two hours of in-depth explanation of the what, why and how of doing a translation and the need for indigenous translators and literacy workers to be trained to work in groups still without scripture. Saturday  afternoon Jim and few others spoke to a group of pastors attending their denominational conference. They serve in villages throughout the province and want their people to help with next steps towards needed translations. We will follow up with these groups. Sunday morning the group divided up going to 7 different churches each giving a presentation as part of the morning services. Church times are very flexible and invitations to share about translation of scriptures ranged from 40 minutes to 2 hours in length with most churches opting for the longer presentation.

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