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Help Needed: Pacific Orientation Course in Papua New Guinea

The Pacific Orientation Course (POC), located
in Papua New Guinea, is critical for the on-going Bible translation work in the South Pacific and they have an urgent need for more help. 

Are you interested in being involved in Bible translation by helping new mission workers in their culture and language learning orientation?

Are you:

Bored with the predictable structure of your life? 
Are you flexible, a life-long learner, servant-hearted
Do you relate well with people
Do you enjoy helping people grow and learn more about themselves & others so they can join in the work of Bible translation to see God’s Word made available to others—in their own language?
Are you interested in an opportunity to be involved at a critical point in their lives, to help them gain skills and insights into serving well in a multi-cultural community in a Melanesian setting?
 Are you searching for a meaningful way to serve the Lord? 

If you've answered “yes” to the questions above, perhaps serving at POC is the place for you!

The current needed roles are:

Director’s Assistant
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·         Works under the direction of the POC director providing support in the area of administrative tasks. 
·         Helps with the evaluation of trainees.
·         Oversees the Student Services staff, including at least the nurse, teachers/child care workers, kitchen manager and staff and potentially ensure the provision of Staff Care services. 
·         May present or participate in activities within the POC curriculum.
·         Other tasks as needed in support of the POC program.

Center Manager

·         Consults with POC Director and POC Oversight
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Committee Facilities Coordinator to discuss and plan such matters as housing, office and other building maintenance priorities. Gives input into maintenance budget and projected budget needs. Supervises or performs a wide range of tasks, including purchasing of materials and supplies, maintaining vehicles, equipment and a dirt access road, and involvement in construction projects. Supervises national maintenance workers, as well as providing ongoing mentoring and training in the various job skills.  Identifies gifted workers and provides for additional opportunities to grow in their skill areas.
·         Works comfortably in a cross-cultural situation, encouraging interaction between the POC staff and the local community.
·         Other tasks as needed in support of the whole orientation program.

Kitchen Manager

Duties may include:
·         Establishing a food budget.
·         Preparing menus for the course.
·         Ordering and purchasing supplies.
·         Training and/or providing oversight of national staff and course participants in the area of meal preparation and nutrition.
·  Organizing the cooking demonstrations for participants for the outdoor cooking portion of POC.
·       Assisting participants with planning their food supplies for hikes and for the Village Living phase of POC.
·       Other tasks as needed and able in support of the whole orientation program.

General Staff

 Duties may include:

·         Accomplish tasks in target area of responsibility
·         Host a fellowship group and serve as a Welcome Family
·         Facilitate a small Tok Pisin group, if qualified
·         Work crews: Serve on kitchen and dining room crews as needed during
·         POC session
·         Hospitality:  provide meals for staff who are ill; host guests or visitors, if needed
·         Drive POC vehicles, if qualified and able
·         Accompany POC student groups on hikes or swimming, when needed
·         Accompany POC students on town shopping trips, when needed
·         Provide relief support for other staff, as needed and as target job responsibilities allow
·         Assist with administrative tasks upon request
·         Encourage and mentor POC students

Finance Manager

·         Supervise the effective operation of the accounting systems (chart of accounts, financial reporting systems and internal control systems) under the direction of the Area Finance person.
·         Supervise and evaluate efforts of bookkeeping staff providing training and oversight as necessary
·         Oversee accounting process, including monthly and year-end close.
·         Monitor budgets for accounting activities.

Children’s Orientation Program: School teacher – needed for 1 year, beginning in Jan. 2016 (arrive early to attend POC)

·        The main focus of the Children's Program Coordinator is to provide cultural orientation, instruction in Melanesian pidgin and learning opportunities for the children of POC participants.
·         As time is available, the teacher will provide instruction of staff children. Instruction and learning opportunities in math and reading will be provided during the school day, using curricula provided by Ukarumpa International School or homeschool materials provided by the parents.
·         Will adapt method of instruction to maximize the local setting at Nobnob and Madang and to work with the student's learning style, as much as possible with limited staff and resources.
·         Understands cross-cultural issues and makes appropriate life-style changes to fit the local setting.
·         Assesses academic progress of students as well as progress in cultural orientation and language learning.
·         The POC Children's Program is set in a large single classroom located at the POC site, in a rural setting of Madang Province. Generally, the coordinator can expect: the following:
·         Students may come from more than one home country.
·         Some students may not have strong English language skills when they arrive at POC.
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·         There will be a range of grade levels that may range from early elementary through to high school.
In addition to relevant technical skills, what else is needed to work well in an orientation setting? 

Consider the following facets of any POC role:

Þ Good communication skills
Þ Hospitality
Þ Training/mentoring cross-culturally
Þ Comfort with ambiguity
Þ Interpersonal skills
Þ Dependability
Þ Working as a team cross-culturally
Þ Able to work independently and with direction

Interested and want to learn more?

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