Friday, August 27, 2010

Development of Computer Tools

 Adapt-It and Paratext

Adapting a translation from a related language that already has a finished translation, or work in progress. It creates one file containing the translation, the back translation, and any notes the translator wants to include.  Many translators are using these programs.

LTtoLPC - Language Tools to Low Power Computers like the Dana and Neo Alpha Smart.


WeSay is an Open Source project aimed at providing computer tools to help communities perform several language development activities on their own. It will be extremely simple, task oriented, and available on hardware that is appropriate to their environment. At the same time, these tools will enable data sharing with advisors running more traditional, high-powered linguistic and publishing software. The idea is to empower communities to do their own high-quality data gathering, leaving the more technical aspect of publishing to more traditional platforms.

WeSay will be of interest in those situations where
native speakers are ready to play a direct, ongoing role in the construction of a dictionary and collection/transcription of stories in their own language, using something other than paper. For more information:

myWorkSafe: Smart and Simple Backup For Language Development Workers

myWorkSafe aims to provide a zero-configuration backup system for a particular kind of user. That user does best when things are simple. He is using computers primarily as an appliance for doing language development work. He may find the raw file system confusing, and may end up putting documents in various places, including the Desktop. He may collect videos, music, games, and installers, quickly overwhelming the USB flash drives which were intended to be used to backup his language development work. He may need reminding to backup, and perhaps prompting to cycle between different backup devices. Finally, he may be far from technical help, may not notice the early signs of hard drive failure, and may be subject to a high-risk of laptop theft.

SayMore: Language Documentation Session Organizer

"Recording speakers of the world’s languages is fun and rewarding, but keeping all the resulting files and meta data organized? Painful.

That’s why we built SayMore– to make staying organized easy and to keep you productive. "

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