Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Vanuatu: Lewo New Testament Dedication

The Lewo people of Vanuatu now have a New Testament! 

From Ross and Lyndal, good friends who helped finish the project:

Now that’s what I call a week or two! What could be more spectacular than the grand reception the New Testaments received a week prior to the dedication? The dedication itself, of course. The Lewo translation committee and community pulled out all stops, aided and abetted by the Lord himself who seemingly miraculously stopped the rain for the two days of guests and celebrations.

The light of the Good News is coming.
A bamboo raft was constructed to bring a box of New Testaments and MegaVoice audio players down the coast with a flare burning to signify the light of the Word. All guests and village people from all around Epi Island, Lewo and non-Lewo speakers marched the boxes into the public square where flag raising, speeches, choirs, special music, bunting, cake cutting, Bible buying and food eating gave them a fitting dedication and ‘'launching'.

The head chief of Nikaura village said it well:

“The first missionaries to Vanuatu used our local languages. Our languages were later taken out of the schools, but today, our language has come back to us! Our mother tongue is important to us – it sets us apart from other people. But more important is the Bible where we learn God’s thoughts. Even better is when the Bible is joined to our language so that we can really understand and live with blessing when we believe it."

Welcome,welcome, wherever you've come from!
Choirs from three language groups and two churches. 
Look at it. This is our dream!

Sales were brisk!
Suffer the little children to listen too!

Take a longer look at the dedication!


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